By Robin Van Auken on Volunteer Forever

Combine your passion for conservation with the excitement of discovery as an adventure guide – a unique career that promises to keep you outdoors, helping wildlife and introducing visitors to exotic locales!

It’s a professional development choice few people think about, but definitely a thrilling one! Imagine sleeping in a tent under a canopy of stars, then waking every morning in the bush, searching for lion tracks or monitoring elephant herd movements. Or if you prefer the rainforests of Latin America, you can pursue a career in ecotourism and guiding in the Amazon. Another professional adventure pro takes visitors beneath the sea, teaching them how to safely scuba dive on coral reefs.

The one thing each of these paths has in common is that they’re uncommon!

They Said It Best

Participating in an extreme endeavor can be difficult, but can it alter your life?

Calley joined Fronteering on a jungle expedition and was exhilarated with the experience: “The survival course is one of those personal challenges you simply have to do – an opportunity to extend yourself both mentally and physically. It’s deeply satisfying to look back and think ‘I did that – I survived!’”

Martin said his internship with GVI in Fiji cemented his career: “I had been considering pursuing a career in the diving industry for some time so when I got the chance to join the project it seemed natural to pick the internship. It’s now my intention to train as an open water scuba instructor and to return to the resort at which I sat my internship work placement, where I’ve been offered the resorts instructor position after the completion of my course.”

Tom traveled with Frontier, and he still can’t believe how great it was: “Definitely the best thing I’ve ever done! Also, it will end up being a pretty big influence on how my life goes. It’s helped convince me I want to do conservation in the future, and I am now doing Zoology with Conservation at university because of that.”

Sarah participated in a Field Guide Association of Southern Africa course with Naturally Africa Volunteers that changed her life: “The instructors were excellent! Never had better teachers who are genuinely passionate about what they are teaching. We always received good feedback and suggestions and endless patience. The variety was perfect. I wish the course was longer. I never want to leave! The course was amazing and honestly changed my life (thanks to the instructors). I’ll be back.”

Learn more about the thrilling opportunities that await you like an adventure or outdoor guide – here are just a few of the extreme experiences you can sign up for today!


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