Winebag_RVologistNot that we break the rules (wink), but many campgrounds and parks do not allow alcoholic beverages. When they do, we prefer to bring along a chilled box of wine. Well, minus the box.

We’re so pleased that Vintners have made great strides in packaging wine in vinyl bags and wrapping them in cardboard boxes. These come in handy in two ways: we can drop a bag in the tiny refrigerator and it will flow into any available space; and we can use the empty bags as padding. We clean the used wine bags and blow air into them for needed padding. When not in use, the bag empties flat for easy storage.

Also, empty wine bags make great pillows!

I know, this review isn’t naming a particular product, just the garbage left behind when the product is used. It doesn’t matter what brand of boxed wine you prefer, or if you want the big box or little box, these bags can be repurposed. So don’t throw them away.

And if the Park Ranger drops in and notices your not-so-empty wine bag, tell him/her what it’s really for — padding. No Alcohol Here, Mr. Ranger!