By Robin Van Auken on Volunteer Forever

When you volunteer for community service credit, your effort and energy benefit other people. But what tangible benefits do you receive?

Community service is a great way to develop new skills, make new friends, and gain experience working on a team. It’s also a great way to meet the requirements for graduation from your high school or college. Need a few more reasons? Here are a few important benefits of volunteering for community service credit:

  1. Gives you a way to help others in need
  2. Helps improve a community
  3. Strengthens your resume and college application
  4. Results in personal growth
  5. Helps you to gain work experience and learn more about available jobs

There are hundreds of ideas for volunteering for service in your own community, ranging from raising money for local charities, reading books to the visually impaired, running in a charity race, delivering meals to the elderly, and collecting clothes and supplies for the homeless – and the list goes on.

These ideas are wonderful suggestions, but have you considered traveling abroad and performing community service on a global scale?

The depth and scale of need in developing countries is huge, and it may be difficult to imagine that you – one person – could make a difference, but the surprising truth is that the generous giving of time and energy adds up. Check out these amazing programs that provide projects with community service hours (and even course credit!) for teens and college students wanting to travel abroad:


Volunteer Forever  is a comprehensive online resource that helps volunteers find and fund their volunteer opportunities. It advocates empowerment through information and resources.  With Volunteer Forever, you can quickly create a profile and start fundraising right away. Volunteering abroad can be expensive, but it’s also a noble endeavor that your friends, loved ones, and communities will be happy to support. Learn more about Volunteer Forever here.