Article by Robin Van Auken on Volunteer Forever

Help protect and preserve forests and farmlands, and study food, agriculture, and rural life when you join NGOs, universities, and independent growers on a sustainable farming experience abroad. You’ll learn that all farmland is not created equal, and farming today is more than just producing crops. It’s about business management as much as it is about animal or crop production.


There are many ways to get involved with farming and agriculture by interning and volunteering abroad.

Learn about sustainable farming production when you volunteer to work on an organic farm in either Costa Rica or Guatemala with Maximo Nivel. Agriculture employs more than one-third of the population in Latin America, but working conditions and the environmental impact can be less than ideal. Help with alternative programs that emphasize and teach eco-agriculture and responsible farming for coffee growers in Costa Rica, or macadamia growers in Guatemala.

Service-learning projects are an active way to educate yourself while providing assistance to others in need, and you’ll gain practical experience on a reforestation project in Ecuador with Frontier, or by working on organic farms in Laos.

Or try your hand at raising free range chickens in Argentina, or combining education with farming in Ghana with Projects Abroad.

Global Nomadic can provide you with an environmental internship to complete your studies – including a dissertation – on an agroforestry project in Latin America, or whisk you to the Caribbean to restore a botanical garden damaged by Hurricane Irma.

Help develop sustainable agro- and ecotourism businesses to improve the lives of the Makushi people in Guyana on a project with Fronteering.

A Broader View places you on a community development project in Uganda, digging wells for drinking and agriculture, and building libraries.

If you’re studying animal husbandry, use this opportunity to assist with caring for farm animals in Turkey with Love Volunteers or try your hand at urban gardening in Brazil.

Spending time in the field and researching sustainable, organic agricultural techniques can lead to a variety of careers, including consulting, farming, management, and research. Keep reading to learn more about volunteer programs and internships that will help you accomplish your goals, while helping to improve the world.


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