By Robin Van Auken on Volunteer Forever

There’s a reason why childcare and childhood education programs are the most popular projects chosen by volunteers who travel abroad – it’s the most rewarding. And when you combine a trip to Asia with a volunteer experience with toddlers and tweens, you’ll enjoy the best life has to offer – visiting exotic locales and making fantastic new friends.

It’s true that one person can change the future, and that person’s actions can even change the lives of many. When you help a vulnerable child learn a new skill, you empower them to improve their own world, and you teach them the value of learning.

A child’s learning experience starts as soon as they are born, and how people treat them and what they see, hear, and do, all contribute to the kind of person they’ll be when they mature. Of course, children do best in a loving and safe environment, but not all children have this luxury. Underprivileged children in developing countries throughout Asia need care and encouragement and with more than a dozen different destinations, including Bali, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam, there’s sure to be a lot that appeals to you.

As a volunteer working with children, you can provide assistance in a range of environments – community centers, day care centers, after-school programs, and meal programs. No experience is needed with most programs because volunteers often are overseen and trained by teachers and staff at the facilities.

Tasks will vary depending upon your choice of location, but organizations like International Volunteer HQ are looking for volunteers to provide children with personalized attention, mentoring, educational support, or playing games and assisting with daily operations, such as cooking and cleaning.

You don’t need qualifications – just enthusiasm and energy – to join a childcare project in Asia, and organizations like Plan My Gap Year offer programs starting monthly year-round. Love Volunteers is another excellent organization offering several amazing placements that allow you to care for the at-risk and impoverished children in Asia and beyond. Or pay it forward with Volunteering Solutions, spending time with and making a difference in the lives of children from underprivileged Asian communities. Choose a childcare or teaching project in unique locations like China and Mongolia with premier organizations like Projects Abroad and A Broader View. Organizations like Cross-Cultural Solutions and Globalteer focus on one country in Asia, but with your help, their impact is enormous!

When you travel to Asia to help a child, you help to create a better future for more than just one person. You empower young people to change their community. Read on to learn more about the variety of opportunities available from some amazing volunteer organizations.


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