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Why should you use the 21-Day Writing Spring Challenge?

Writers don’t always feel inspired to be creative. It’s happened to me. I’d been on a hiatus from my fiction writing career for too long. It wasn’t intentional. I let other tasks and chores get in the way.  I wanted to wrap up a book series and move on to the next one, but I needed to get back into the groove.

To kickstart a new writing routine, I attended a workshop taught by Dr. Rachael Hungerford, on “Journal to the Self.” At the short workshop, she armed attendees with tools to journal efficiently. I used her 5-minute and 10-minute writing sprints to break through a stubborn mindset and was delighted with the feedback.

This is the kind of positive reinforcement you can only get with a challenge. Challenges force us to prioritize, and I needed a reason to quit shuffling between email and social media and my manuscript. I was able to combat this by accepting a simple, short challenge. It had a beginning and an end, and positive results. Win-win.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

21-Day Writing Sprint Challenge by Robin Van Auken

Give your creativity a boost when you accept the 21-DAY WRITING SPRINT CHALLENGE!

You can write your responses in this interactive document, and save them to your computer, or print it to keep as a journal.

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Writing Sprint Challenge by Robin Van Auken

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