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Let’s Talk Books!

Welcome to Let’s Talk Books, the official podcast of Robin Van Auken. It’s my mission to learn new things and share what works, and I chat with interesting people about topics such as inspiration, motivation, book publication, and promotion. My guests have wonderful success stories to share, as well as stories of how they’ve struggled with their writing.

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A Guide to Being Alone

Today I try out a new software platform for recording podcasts, Anchor, and experiment with recording smaller audio clips, and transitions, and putting together a show on the fly. I also discuss an amazing book, "How to Be Alone," by Sara Maitland, a handbook on solitude and why it's

One Page Per Day with Melody Johnson

Melody Johnson has completed yet another marathon, and her reward is the publication of her upcoming novel, "Day Reaper," the exciting conclusion to her "Night Blood" paranormal romance series. The books feature heroine Cassidy DiRocco, a crime reporter living in New York who discovers vampires living beneath the city. Writing

Mary Woods’ Change of Heart

Mary Woods is an artist, a poet, and the author of "The Heart of the Matter,” which guides the reader to becoming wholeheartedly happy. I know Mary through her service work with Beloved Community Council and Heart of Williamsport. We've worked on the HoW project for three years, and it's

Nancy Panko’s Guiding Missal

Nancy Panko has achieved amazing success with her book, “Guiding Missal,” an unusual story about a prayer book that is carried in the pocket of three generations of men as they navigate war. As she held the Military Missal in her hands, Nancy thought, “If only this little book

Joseph Smith’s Cure for Hipocrisy

Joseph W. Smith is a teacher, speaker, film critic, journalist and author living in Northcentral Pennsylvania, with his wife. The son of a professional journalist, Joe wrote his first book when he was 12, "... an ambitious and profusely illustrated sci-fi opus called Project Jupiter." Then, 37 years later, he wrote "The Psycho File.”​

Lost Coal with Lorena Beniquez

Lorena Beniquez, a writer, photographer and a filmmaker, and the author of a new book, Lost Coal Country of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Published by Arcadia, the book is part of the Images of Modern America series, so it’s part history, part photographic art, and part travel guide.

Writing for Sanity with Mike Reuther

Mike Reuther is a journalist by profession, but he never stops writing. Most mornings, before he heads to work at the daily newspaper, where he reports on government, politics, health care, crime, sports and general news, Mike works on his novels and self-help books. A non-nonsense and prolific writer, he's written 18 books.

Beyond the Wall with Alivia Tagliaferri

Alivia Tagliaferri is an author, publisher, producer and documentary filmmaker, discussing her book, Beyond the Wall: The Journey Home. Alivia operates Ironcutter Creative, a multimedia company that creates story-centric videos that are compelling, engaging and visually outstanding. She specializes in high-quality docu-style videos for television and theater broadcast, social media.

One More Day with Tonya Anderson

Tonya Anderson is a mindfulness counselor, inspirational speaker and the founder of An Exquisite Life. She helps people using mindfulness and sacred therapies to resolve stress/trauma in their lives, and frees them to live a life with renewed joy, love and passion for life. Tonya’s expertise is drawn from her life experience, clinical mental health counseling education and spiritual teachings.

Life Changes with Diane Langley

Diane Langley is the author of "Life Changes..." a small book with enormous wisdom. Diane has been the principal of Langley Communications Corporation since 1995. She educates individuals, groups and companies on communication and transition challenges through reflective, interactive engagement. This includes more sensitive work with those experiencing loss and trauma.

Calling All Writers

Interested in Being Interviewed?

If you’re a writer, I know you’ll find some solid advice.  If you’re a fan, you’ll enjoy the insight into some of your favorite author’s works. But we’re not stopping there, because we’re bibliophiles:  “a person who loves or collects books, especially as examples of fine or unusual printing, binding, or the like.”

So we’re also talking with all people who love books. This includes librarians, booksellers, bookmakers, printers, book collectors, and reviewers. If someone has a career or a hobby that should be a career, and it involves books, we want to know.

Join us as we tell a story.

My generous guests are willing to share important information about their journey to becoming a successful, or soon-to-be-successful published author. That means they’re sharing what works, what doesn’t work, their inspiration, and their creative process.

They’re also willing to talk about their difficulties and how they handled their negative emotions, overcame obstacles, and strived until they were able to reach their goal: becoming published.

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