Alivia Tagliaferri is an author, publisher, producer and documentary filmmaker. In this interview on Let’s Talk Books with Robin Van Auken, she discusses her book, Beyond the Wall: The Journey Home.

Listen to Alivia discuss her work with Ironcutter Creative, as a writer, author and filmmaker. Learn about her struggle to complete her novel, in the wake of her beloved father’s death. She spent countless hours researching the Vietnam and Iraq wars, interviewing veterans, reading books, studying government files, and browsing blogs for inspiration and authentic voices.

Beyond the Wall: The Journey Home is a gift for anyone who has been impacted by war, in particular veterans with post traumatic stress. As a daughter, sister and parent of veterans, this book is close to my heart.

From Alivia’s AMAZON page:

For Dennis Michaels, a Vietnam combat veteran waging an invisible forty-year battle with survivor’s guilt and PTSD, life changes when he mentors an Iraq War veteran undergoing rehabilitation at Walter Reed Medical Center. Seeking to transform pain into healing, this warrior of old and warrior of today share glimpses into a world seldom discussed as they navigate their journey home and honor their Marine code of conduct: Never leave anyone behind.

Alivia Tagliaferri operates Ironcutter Creative, a multimedia company that creates story-centric videos that are compelling, engaging and visually outstanding. Ironcutter specializes in high-quality docu-style videos for television and theater broadcast, social media and more. It also provides advertising and marketing services, as well as storytelling skills.

Alivia Tagliaferri

Listen to Alivia Tagliaferri discuss her work with Ironcutter Creative, as a writer, author and filmmaker.



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