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Writers don’t always feel inspired to be creative. It’s happened to me. I’d been on a hiatus from my fiction writing career for too long. It wasn’t intentional. I let other tasks and chores get in the way. I wanted to wrap up a book series and move onto the next one, but I needed to get back into the groove.

To kickstart a new writing routine, I attended a workshop taught by Dr. Rachael Hungerford, on “Journal to the Self.” At the short workshop, she armed attendees with tools to journal efficiently. I used her 5-minute and 10-minute writing sprints to break through a stubborn mindset, and was delighted with the feedback.

This is the kind of positive reinforcement you can only get with a challenge. Challenges force us to prioritize, and I needed a reason to quit shuffling between email and social media and my manuscript. I was able to combat this by accepting a simple, short challenge. It had a beginning and an end, and positive results. Win-win.

Writing sprints worked well for me, so I developed the 21-DAY WRITING SPRINT CHALLENGE. I’ve discovered many useful writing prompts and tested them on new and experienced writers in formal writing classes. I chose these specific prompts because they use Storytelling to stimulate your brain in seven strategic areas. These prompts also lead to ideas, and ideas lead to stories, and stories lead to books.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!