Improve Your Wellbeing Using Self-Hypnosis

Looking to boost your self-confidence? Need to lose weight, or quit smoking? Do you have social anxiety, or want to improve your financial situation or relationship? Can’t sleep at night? For every difficult emotional or physical situation you experience, you can improve your wellbeing through the power of thought, using Self-Hypnosis Downloads.

Choose from over 1,000 self hypnosis mp3 audios in a myriad of topics, each one developed by the team of Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott, who choose download titles and concepts, which are then developed between Mark and Joe Kao, the team’s head hypnosis script writer. Finally, scripts are given a final review, shape and polish by hypnotherapist and professional editor Kathleen Fedouloff, and then Roger records the audio in a state-of-the-art sound studio.

The creators guarantee you will love the way you feel after using one of these self-hypnosis audio downloads – or they will give you your money back.

You can listen to your hypnosis sessions on your computer, smartphone, tablet or CD. All the hypnotherapy downloads have been carefully crafted by professional hypnotherapist educators with a proven track record and since 2003, more than 600,000 have been downloaded.

Want to Know More About Self-Hypnosis?

Are you uncertain about trying one of Uncommon Knowledge’s  hypnosis downloads? According to the company, many people naturally have concerns, usually caused by seeing stage hypnosis shows or movies containing hypnosis.

To give you an idea of what hypnosis is, Uncommon Knowledge invites you to start with this short video they created:

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