Muncy River Access: Phase I Archaeological Survey

Muncy Heritage Park and Nature Trail

MUNCY — River enthusiasts, canoeists, and kayakers have another gorgeous access point to the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, this one overlooking a significant historic site: the Last Raft Crash Site at Muncy Heritage Park and Nature Trail. Muncy Heritage Park offers river access.

Muncy Historical Society built the trail, another phase of the organization’s Master Plan for its Heritage Park and Nature Trail.  Partnering with the Lycoming County Commissioners and the County Planning and Community Development office, the Historical Society secured funding through the County’s Legacy Fund Account – a designated allocation of Act 13 funds provided to the County by the Public Utility Commission specifically for parks. 

With this funding, along with a significant financial commitment from the Society’s own board of directors, the soft landing site for small boats such as canoes and kayaks following the West Branch Water Trail has been completed from the river’s edge to the entrance of the park.

The scope of the project included many elements, including GIS mapping of the site, as well as securing a Department of Environmental Protection General Permit (GP-2) requiring notification of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineering.

Hands-on Heritage provided a Phase 1 Archaeological Survey of the one-third acre prior to development, enabling landscape architects at BSA / LA to construct a 200-foot-long, gravel trail, providing canoe and kayak river access from Pepper Street in Muncy Creek Township to the West Branch Susquehanna River.

Muncy Heritage Park offers river access

The trail completes another phase in building the recreational and heritage amenities at the park. The path also greatly enhances accessibility to the Last Raft overlook.

Muncy Historical Society planned its Heritage Park and Nature Trail Master Plan with extensive public participation to serve the public for recreation, heritage, and environmental education purposes.  The park supports Municipal and County Comprehensive Plans to provide residents with access to high-quality recreational resources. 

The park and specifically the new canoe and kayak access helps build the concept of River Towns as envisioned by the Susquehanna Greenway and the County Comprehensive Plan. Muncy Borough and Muncy Creek Township have received their official “River Town” designation.