Robin Van Auken

Author, Researcher and Educator Specializing in Communication Topics and the Publishing Industry

I am an author and a researcher, with an interest in the publishing industry. I am also a program director and college educator, specializing in the practice and instruction of a variety of topics, including web communications, social media, mass media marketing and public relations.

I have vast experience writing and editing, as a journalist and an editor. I am proficient with using all major software platforms and web applications (Microsoft, Adobe, Google, etc.), and also design websites. I also am proficient in planning and promoting events.

I also work as a writer, editor and (co-) author of nonfiction regional history books, and an independent media consultant for businesses, nonprofits and individuals.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 

· Skillful independent researcher
· Skillful in organizing and maintaining digital archives
· Skillful with computers, tablets and mobile devices
· Skillful with major software and emerging technology
· Proficient at scanning and enhancing historic photographs and ephemera
· Proficient at website development and design
· Able to capably design promotional booklets, brochures and programs
· Able to write and edit technical monographs, manage publications and produce reports
· Able to create multimedia presentations and videos