Testimonials: Hands-on Heritage

Skillful Contributions … Immeasurable

Robin Van Auken’s skillful contributions to the success of the Muncy Historical Society are immeasurable. As an archaeologist at our Muncy Heritage Park and Nature Trail, she exposed thousands of visitors to archaeology, establishing the site as a shining example of experiential learning, allowing people to learn hands-on history.

The Society’s state-of-art Web site has received nationwide acclaim for its content and visual appeal and is just one example of her technical skills and marketing expertise.

Van Auken is an adept grant writer, a master at public relations, and highly results-oriented. She is innovative, enterprising, personable and professional.

Bill & Linda Poulton
President and Curator,
Muncy Historical Society and Museum of History

Joyful Approach to Work

Since retiring from VA and moving to PA in 2007, I was fortunate to meet Robin Van Auken. Mrs. Van Auken’s exceptional talent with web and print design, and her finely tuned, professional writing and editing skills have offered invaluable support for my continuing personal and professional projects and activities.

Through our mutual work with the Muncy PA Historical Society, I have seen Robin work with children and adults on numerous projects; on all occasions she has been recognized for her knowledge, her interpersonal skills, and her joyful approach to working. I was fortunate to meet Mrs. Van Auken.

Steven H. Fairchild
Ph.D., Associate Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus
James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA
now living in Montoursville, PA

What a Hit!

For several years, the Thomas Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society sponsored a family-oriented undertaking called ‘YesterFest!’ It was intended to bring back the more innocent days of activities which did not include X-boxes, Ipods, and anything requiring installation of batteries! Old-fashioned activities were arranged to inspire creative interaction and play. An activity that has transcended the ages and requires no age requirement is the thrill of DISCOVERY.

Whether the discovery be made above or below ground! We contacted the North Central Chapter 8 of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology and asked if they might be willing to conduct a mock archaeological dig at ‘YesterFest!’ Robin Van Auken responded and what a hit she was!

Kids love dirt! Kids love digging in the dirt! And kids especially enjoy the hunt when they find something! Imagine pulling out an arrowhead (a projectile point) or a fragment of decorated pottery or a bead… The children were fully engaged with Robin providing guidance and giving them some basic instruction concerning the important work archaeologists do! Future historians in training! We were grateful to have Robin at ‘YesterFest’ and look forward to using her talent and skills with other ‘youthful’ projects!

Gary W. Parks
Executive Director
Thomas T. Taber Museum