The E. Keeler Company, manufacturers of boilers, etc., conduct Quo of the old industries of the city. The business was established in 1864 by J. Heathcote & Company, who conducted it until 1877, when it was incorporated with a paid-up capital of $50,000, the executive officers being George W. Sands, president; Isaac Barton, treasurer, and A. G. Anthony, secretary. The E. Keeler Company manufactures all kinds of steam boilers, tanks, steam heating, engine supplies, plate work, etc. Thirty-five hands are employed.

Employees of the E. Keeler Company pose for an 1887 photo. From left to right, first row, are Issac Barton, William Hammond, William Kay, Thomas Costello, Samuel Zelman, Issac Mallinson, George Sands, Joseph Wein, and Harry Hall. From left, second row, are Morris Gahan, James Kelley, John Hauntz, James Costello, James Dolan, George Eoute, Pat Carney, Edwin Quay, and William Williams. Third row: Simon Sands and William Sands.

Hands on Heritage: Keeler Company

Hands-on Heritage: Keeler Company

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