This may be a no-brainer to those of us who write books with lots of kissing, but the rest of the world is starting to notice that Romance (with a capital “R”) novels are paving the eWay for authors  of other genres.

See this link: The Real Force Behind Ebook Sales: Heaving Bosoms

Says here that “Women are quietly using ebooks more and more, devouring lusty titles …”, and it’s true. Since I purchased my iPad and installed Amazon’s Kindle app, I’ve read dozens and dozens of books — primarily luuurve stories. I snap them up and greedily devour them like a bag of potato chips. Easy to purchase, easy to open, easy to read, and bookmark for later — what’s not to love about romance eBooks?

Fox cites the book “A Billion Wicked Thoughts,” which claims it analyzed a billion web searches worldwide, discovering the kind of sexual information people are seeking while on the Internet. The good news is, they claim men prefer heavy women to thin ones. Whew! I was worried. reports, “The unsurprising results: men go straight for graphic porn online while women covet stories whose plotlines are leavened with heaving bosoms — and where men have “chiseled features” and “powerful thighs.” That’s raising hopes among magazine and book publishers.”

This is great news for me since I’ve got nearly a dozen more romance novels in the pipeline. Right now, however, readers of lusty romance can pick up my novel “West Wind” for free. Get it while it’s hot, ladies!

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