Are you fascinated by rocks? How about fossils, or artifacts? How we visualize, interpret, and transform the world around us has always interested me.
I try to be scientific and pragmatic with my actions, but one day my good friend Tonya Anderson asked me to reach into a bag and blindly pull out a stone that would “represent” my spirit.
I rolled my eyes.
Then I pulled out this magnificent brown and black stone that looks like a battered and worn, but enduring, heart.
It also has striations that make it look almost transparent when I placed it on my desk.
I keep this stone on my bookcase next to my workstation and look at it often. I am amazed that it still inspires me and, despite my realistic inclinations, I believe that it does represent my spirit.
I still thank Tonya for constantly reminding me to look for joy in unexpected marvels.
If you’re ever asked to place your hand in a bag and pull out an object that “speaks” to you, then listen — there may be a language you’ve never heard before.

Abracadabra for protective magic