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Find the Beautiful, the Strange at Your Local Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens Have Historic Roots I am not a botanist, but I enjoy spending time at Botanical Gardens. According to Wikipedia, the inception of botanical gardens is linked to the history of botany, and most 16th and 17th century scientific gardens were devoted to growing medicinal plants. The concept of a botanical [...]

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Use BOTH Sides of Your Brain in Harmony

Use BOTH Sides of Your Brain in Harmony Does the left side of your brain dominate your actions, or the right? Are you logical, organized and methodical, or are you intuitive, spontaneous and creative? Or, do you use both sides of your brain in harmony? Scientists have studied brain-injury patients for years and have [...]

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Travel Writing: A Good Writer is a Good Observer

If you're into travel writing, then you had better be paying attention. Not to this article—although it contains helpful advice for gathering intel during your next trip. You need to pay attention to everything and everyone and everywhere while you're abroad because you never know what, who, or where will become fodder for a feature. [...]

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The Man Who Invented the Future: Jules Verne’s Legacy

The Man Who Invented the Future: Jules Verne's Legacy   Jules Verne It's been more than 100 years since the world mourned the passing of Jules Verne, "the man who invented the future." He died March 24, 1905 in Amiens, France. I've been thinking about Verne lately, and have decided to explore his [...]

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