Thinking Like Leonardo

I’ve been pondering the concept of a New Renaissance. I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to think like Leonardo da Vinci.

On the topic, Parade magazine’s resident genius Marilyn Vos Savant once wrote she would: “… found a school for art and music, dedicated to bringing back the classical beauty in sight and sound that – transfigured by contemporary imagination – could make the modern world a glorious place. In short, I would try to start a new Renaissance.”

Imagine, if you can, helping to make your community “a glorious place.”

The truth is that money isn’t the hurdle in achieving the mission of promoting arts within the community. It’s the way we think. We must think this mission is important.

Ahhh, but what is a Renaissance without a Leonardo da Vinci?

Is there a Leonardo lurking nearby? Are you one? Am I?

According to Michael J. Gelb, author of the national bestselling book “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci,” anyone can apply da Vinci’s approach to learning and cultivate their own intelligence. Da Vinci left remarkable notebooks, as well remarkable art and scientific inventions, which are veritable roadmaps.

It probably is arrogant, Gelb writes, to imagine that we can become the genius da Vinci was, however, we can use da Vinci’s resources as a guide to become “more of what we truly are.”