Have you, your family, or a friend ever had difficulty sleeping?

For years, I’ve struggled with going to sleep and remaining asleep. I would lie awake for hours, agonizing over my “To Do” list or tasks I hadn’t completed.

Drift Off to Sleep

I’ve found a solution that works for me, and it’s been working for years! It’s similar to a guided meditation. It’s called self-hypnosis.

Get a Great Night's Sleep

I’ve become a fan of this type of routine, ever since the team at Uncommon Knowledge helped me achieve a great night’s sleep.

I’ve achieved this by combining two things: a comfy headband with flat earbuds —  AcousticSheep SleepPhones Classic Sleep Headphones* — with the Uncommon Knowledge self-hypnosis downloads,* I’ve been able to go to sleep within minutes, and most importantly, stay asleep.

If I wake up in the middle of the night and start tossing and turning, I’m able to restart the audio easily. Since the company has an app, I use my mobile phone, keeping it on my nightstand. The earbuds plug into my mobile, and they have a nice, long cord. I keep the cord tucked under my pillow.

Ignore Snoring and Sleep All Night

Sleeping with a person who snores? Not that I snore, nor my husband, (okay, we both do), but sleeping with someone who snores can leave you restless and frustrated. Many a morning I’ve woken after a fitful night, and when my cheerful husband asked how I slept, I would give him the “Stink Eye.” I would growl and retreat to my office and try to drown my frustration and desire for revenge in coffee.

Not anymore. In fact, Ignore Snoring* was the first download I tried, and it helped so much, I moved on to the Sleep and Dream* downloads. I told my daughter about this technique, and she’s excited to try it, too. Now she can get a great night’s sleep!

Visualize Your Day

Not only am I able to go to sleep and sleep well, whenever I wake up, but I can also select a self-hypnosis audio that helps me prep for the day. Some of my favorites are the Solution-Focused therapies*. There is a variety I use, depending upon my plans or goals. The technique works best when you listen to a specific audio every day for a week. And, if you listen early in the morning, and drift off back to sleep, don’t worry! You’ve accomplished two things — your subconscious has “heard” the audio and you’ve gotten some extra rest.

Start your morning with self-hypnosis, as I do. As an affiliate of Uncommon Knowledge self-hypnosis downloads,* I’m happy to share some of the company’s best-selling categories below. Click on one and explore. It’s what I did, and I’m happier for it.

10-Step Courses Grief and Loss Personal Skills
Addiction Help Health Issues Pregnancy and Childbirth
Alternative Cancer Treatments Healthy Eating Quit Smoking
Anti Aging Hypnosis Download Packs Relationship Help
Anxiety Treatment Hypnotherapist Courses Relaxation Techniques
Bad Habits Interpersonal Skills Self Confidence
Children’s Hypnosis Job Skills Self Esteem
Clinical Hypnotherapy Learning Help Sexual Problems
Communication Skills Motivation and Inspiration Sleep Problems
Dealing with Difficult People Pain Relief Social Anxiety
Depression Self Help Parenting Skills Sports Performance
Emotional Intelligence Personal Development Stress Management
Enjoy Life Personal Finance Thinking Skills
Fears and Phobias Personal Fitness Weight Loss
Fun Hypnosis Personal Productivity

* Affiliate link.

Not Sure About Self-Hypnosis?

Are you uncertain about trying one of Uncommon Knowledge self-hypnosis downloads*? According to the company, many people naturally have concerns, usually caused by seeing stage hypnosis shows or movies containing hypnosis.

To give you an idea of what hypnosis is, Uncommon Knowledge invites you to start with this short video they created:

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