I mentioned in a previous post that I love my Cabela’s mesh chair, but my husband can’t nap in them as I can. At 6′, he’s too tall. His head presses onto the frame, making him uncomfortable if he tries to sleep. This prompted a recent trip to Gander Mountain, another outdoor supply chain we frequent. I don’t have a photo of them in use, but I snagged one off the company’s website.

These are lovely, padded chairs with smooth, wooden hand rests. They also match the Gander Mountain foot rests we purchased last year, but we use those with the Cabela chairs.

I haven’t tried them extensively, and I haven’t napped in one yet, so I’ll have to reserve my opinion for now. My husband, however, reports he’s extremely comfortable and pleased with the purchase. You can purchase a similar, non-branded zero-gravity lounger from Amazon, and it offers free shipping. Also, the price is better on Amazon than at Gander, so that’s another consideration.

Click the link to learn more about Amazon’s Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair

    • 5.3 inches wider than the standard model
    • Durable textaline fabric suspended by double bungee system
    • Dual finger tip locking system
    • Relax with the smooth recline function that locks in any position
    • Adjustable headrest/lumbar support
    • Supports up to 330 lbs.