I love a good camping hack, especially one I’ve made.

I purchased these useful hammocks from Camping World, but the small wooden rods they came on were useless to me. My camper is a retro, teardrop-shape and the kitchen has a curved ceiling. I couldn’t use the cup hooks provided to hang the rods.

I picked up an attractive, adjustable, Shower Curtain Tension Rod and use it between the wall and the pantry of my camper. Just so you get the layout, I’ve added a photo of my camper’s kitchen.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — this isn’t very stable. It is when my husband cranks the rod. Plus, I don’t put heavy items in the hammocks.

It’s perfect for light-weight food and snacks, but I’ve used it for other, non-refrigerated foods. Plus, you don’t need to use them for food. Heck, you can put anything in these hammocks.

And, guess what? You can buy these food hammocks cheaper at Amazon! Use the link below to order a couple and take advantage of the free shipping on purchases over $25.

Buy the Under Cabinet Fruit and Veggie Hammock

If you’re worried the rod will fall, they use a small Velcro tab on the ends to keep it “locked” in place. I keep meaning to do that because the rod usually falls in the winter when the camper expands and contracts. You can also use curtain rod brackets, but we don’t want to put too many holes in our camper.