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Human Rights & Social Work Internships Abroad: Women’s Support, Law & More

Are you ready to step up for gender equality, education, and basic rights for all? It takes a courageous activist to defend others, especially in countries where basic human rights are mostly ignored. If you feel the call to build hope, wage for peace, and fight the scourge of disease, take a look at an international internship that places you on an impactful program that supports and promotes [...]

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Child-Friendly Volunteer Abroad Programs: Meaningful Trips for Families

Are you time-poor, finding it difficult to juggle work with family life? Do you feel you're on a hamster wheel, running in circles as your day flies by, a whirl of constant motion, from home to school to work to sports or other recreational activities? You conjure visions of a relaxing vacation, imagining yourself on a beach, a cool beverage by your side, while your children frolic in [...]

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TEFL Certification and English Teaching Programs in Latin America

Leverage your native English-speaking skills for the benefit of others with an international career teaching English as a foreign language! The demand for TEFL teachers is an all-time high as nearly 2 billion people worldwide are learning English. This means there are literally thousands of employment opportunities for English teachers, even those without prior teaching experience. Latin America is a great place to launch your English teaching career [...]

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Travel for Self-Improvement: Combine Volunteering with Yoga, Scuba & More

What do you want to learn today? Is there a skill you'd like to improve, an experience you want to gain, or a physical challenge you've been dreaming about? When you take your personal development into your own hands, you become proactive. Rather than waiting for good things to happen to you, you're out there making them happen. When you invest in yourself, you not only change your mind, but [...]

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Amazing Volunteer Programs for Travelers Who Love to Hike, Run, & Swim

Do you have itchy travel feet? Are you more comfortable in boots than sandals? Hikers know that a long, solo walk is the easiest and quickest way to lose yourself and your cares in the beauty of nature. Hiking is great for mood, and this Stanford University study proves that it also decreases your anxiety and improves your memory. Another study found that long walks help battle depression, so if you've [...]

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Adventure and Outdoor Guides Training Abroad

Combine your passion for conservation with the excitement of discovery as an adventure guide - a unique career that promises to keep you outdoors, helping wildlife and introducing visitors to exotic locales! It’s a professional development choice few people think about, but definitely a thrilling one! Imagine sleeping in a tent under a canopy of stars, then waking every morning in the bush, searching for lion tracks or [...]

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Internships that Build a Professional Career: Science, Engineering Opportunities

Don’t visit West Africa for the big game or majestic ruins - instead, focus on the amazing variety of people you’ll meet there, and take time to learn their history, their customs, and share your own. From Nigeria to Senegal, West Africa is home to an estimated 362 million people. It’s an area of many cultures, but they don’t clash. In fact, there are many similarities in dress, [...]

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Volunteer Abroad at a UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are few things that people agree upon, but protecting special places and things is one of them. Deciding exactly what makes a landmark or area important because of its cultural, historical, or scientific significance is the quest of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, also known as UNESCO. Since 1972, UNESCO has been charged with the task of judging whether a place is worthy of its World [...]

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Volunteer with Indigenous & Aboriginal Communities Around the World

Are you fascinated by people, their unique traditions, and exotic cultures? Do you like to try new dishes and new phrases? Or do you find it disconcerting, living like a local? Would you rather stay in a comfortable hotel, dining on familiar food? When you travel abroad you're moving out of your comfort zone and it can be a bit scary. But when you immerse yourself in another [...]

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Travel and Volunteer in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia

Southeast Asia is a favorite corner of the world for globetrotters. Tucked between the Indian and Pacific oceans, and at the intersection of major geological plates, the area is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations despite the fact it regularly endures earthquakes and volcanic activities. Still, visitors can’t resist Southeast Asia’s year-round tropical climate, gorgeous beaches, rich and varied cultural encounters, fabulous food, and low cost of living. [...]

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Archaeological Dig & Excavation Volunteer Programs Around the World

Thinking about traveling abroad? You're not alone. People have been traveling for 2 million years. It began with Homo erectus, walking out of Africa in the early migrations. Then other archaic people followed, like H. heidelbergensis, the likely ancestor of modern humans, around 500,000 years ago. Our ancestors spread to other continents, and along the way, they invented houses and built communities. They invented agriculture and changed the landscape. They invented religions [...]

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Volunteer Abroad Opportunities in West Africa: Togo, Ghana, Senegal

Don’t visit West Africa for the big game or majestic ruins - instead, focus on the amazing variety of people you’ll meet there, and take time to learn their history, their customs, and share your own. From Nigeria to Senegal, West Africa is home to an estimated 362 million people. It’s an area of many cultures, but they don’t clash. In fact, there are many similarities in dress, [...]

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Veterinary Volunteer Programs and Internships Abroad

Are you considering a career as a vet tech or veterinarian, and want to know if the field is right for you? If you like being with animals of all shapes, sizes, and breeds, and you want to help improve their lives and quality of care, then you’re on the right track. A vet tech performs a variety of tasks, just like a nurse for humans, to support [...]

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International Service Learning: What it is And How it Benefits You

Looking for a travel experience where you can work hands-on with a global issue? One that enhances your cultural awareness, both personally and professionally? If so, consider an international service-learning project! An international service-learning project is a structured academic opportunity that lets you combine study abroad with experiential education and community development. According to Global Vision International, a trusted international volunteer organization with numerous service-learning programs, there are three [...]

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PADI Open Water Certifications & Internships for Divers & Divemasters

The ocean is a mysterious place. It covers 70 percent of the planet, yet only 5 percent of it has been explored. It’s a magical place too, thanks to the phytoplankton that creates half of the air that we breathe. It’s also a secretive place, hiding the deepest spot on Earth: the Mariana Trench, at 36,200 feet below the surface, is more than a mile deeper than Mount [...]

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Childcare Volunteer Programs Abroad: Daycare or School Assistant

If you’re looking for a travel opportunity that combines volunteering with social importance, consider a child care volunteering program that places you at a kindergarten or daycare center within a disadvantaged community. The stories you read and the songs you sing will help toddlers to learn creatively, and engage them from the start. A child’s early years lay the foundation of their entire future. In fact, scientists say [...]

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Conservation & Environment Volunteer Projects: Forest, Marine, Savannah

Scientists claim we’re living in the Anthropocene, an “unofficial” geological era in which humans dominate the planet. We’ve left the Cenozoic era, the Age of Mammals, which began 66 million years ago, because people are having a massive influence on the biosphere, altering it to suit our needs. Thanks to collective learning, people are better at sharing information so they know how to build new things. With each new highway, [...]

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NGO Volunteer Opportunities Abroad: Gain International Work Experience

Want to do good for others while doing good for yourself? Volunteering with an NGO can help you build capacity and support long-term goals in the underserved communities of developing countries. It also can enhance your resume as you gain hard and soft skills. NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, are nonprofits or citizen-operated agencies and groups that operate independently of governments, generally on an international level. They provide aid [...]

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Travel Photography Internships and Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Do you take great photos? Do you write amazing stories? Are your friends and family constantly complimenting your artwork and articles? Maybe it’s time to turn your hobby into a career. Hit the “digital streets” on a photography and journalism internship abroad. If you have camera and are willing to travel, you can use this opportunity to create a unique portfolio - one that no one else in [...]

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Volunteer with Buddhist Monks: Teach English or Work in a Monastery

Learn first-hand the spiritual beliefs, traditions, and practices of Buddhism when you volunteer to teach English to young children and monks in Asia. Travel to mystical Nepal and join other adventurous pilgrims at ancient temples with breathtaking views of the Himalayas, including majestic Mount Everest. Choose Chiang Mai, Thailand's "Rose of the North" and a land that's rich in cultural diversity, tranquil villages and other natural wonders. Visit [...]

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