Sailing Checklist

Ready to go sailing? Are you sure? Here's a handy sailing checklist to help you enjoy the outing. Sailing Checklist Ibuprofen Water Hat/visor Sunglasses Sunscreen Lunch Towels Dry clothes Mainsail Jib Mainsheet Dock lines Sail ties Boom vang Radio GPS Cell phone Camera Gerber tool Toolbox (hand tools) PFDs (3) Boat cushions Boat tie-down

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The New Canoe She’s gone. Dan picked “To Blave” up one bitter, cold day in April and headed for Wisconsin. He sent us a note; he and his son finally went sailing after picking up a new battery and repairing the gas tank. Meanwhile, we bought a 14-foot, red Old Town canoe and

2018-07-15T15:19:38-04:00By |Robin Van Auken|

Moving On

  P15K on Lake Owasco We sold our Precision 15K, an excellent starter sailboat. Hold on, I have to wipe a tear from my eye. It moved to Wisconsin. A local judge there wants to use it on a lake. We corresponded for a few months and I sent him a little video

2020-09-19T17:22:50-04:00By |Robin Van Auken|

Free eBooks!

Everybody loves to get something free, and plenty of writers are sharing their books with new readers. It's interesting to see how other writers are using the digital marketplace to promote their books. I've worked with publishers before and can assure you, they don't always work hard to promote a book. In fact, one publisher

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