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Thomas “Tank” Baird is president of North Central Chapter 8 of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology. He has worked with NCC8 as an avocational archaeologist since 2005, serving as the field director at the Fisher site, Snyder site and the Glunk site, all located in Lycoming County. He is the founder and host of the annual Archaeology and Artifact Fair held at the Taber Museum each spring. Baird is a popular speaker presenting on history and prehistory throughout the region and is a regular contributor to PBS as an authority on Native Americans in the Northeast. He travels to prehistoric and historic sites in the Northeast and Midwest to organize artifact identification programs and presentations on Native American cultures. Baird is also the founder and president of the annual 9-11 Memorial Ride drawing as many as 10,000 motorcycle riders.

‘Lost’ History of Andrew Montour in Perry County

“They were driven from the lands on which they had settled and on April 18, 1752, Andrew Montour was commissioned by the governor to settle and reside upon these Indian lands, the Indians on July 2, 1750, having petitioned for such occupation, and arrangements having been made with them for such occupation at a place

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Plum Tree Massacre and Iroquois War on Colonial Expansion

The date was June 10th, 1778.  In the east, the Revolutionary War raged and colonial forces under General George Washington were seeing key victories producing a turning point in the conflict. People living here in what would become Lycoming County PA were also part of that war. They were fighting for their lives against an

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The Widaagh Monument in Antes Fort

So, what does a forty-five-foot tall, forty-one-ton monument on private land, the Susquehannock Indians, an ex-bank president in Indian dress-up, and a magical place called Lockabar have in common? Well, historian Carl Becker once said it best, "history is an imaginative creation" and that tongue-in-cheek remark never bore more truth than the story of the

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