Now that “Distracted” is published, available as an eBook and a paperback through the major booksellers — Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, iBooks, Smashwords, etc. — I’m planning a virtual book tour.

The more I research book tours and blogging, the more I think marketing the book is harder than writing it. Not only that, it’s detracting from the time I normally spend on my job and time I would like to spend on writing the next book in the series.
I’ve taken copious notes and watched videos on virtual book tours, created Google alerts, researched blogs as potential “stops” along the tour, and input the information into a spreadsheet. I feel I’m preparing a thesis.
As repugnant as marketing a book may be, however, there are ways to ensure some of the marketing is enjoyable. As I sat in the hot tub last night, studying the stars and sipping a glass of wine, I discussed book tour themes with my husband. I want the blogs I write during the virtual tour to be entertaining and useful, and I don’t want to focus on writing about writing.
Blargh. That would just be an extension of my research, and my eyes are already glazing over from that data. Each of my books (published and forthcoming) has a unique theme and I would like to expand upon that concept. For example, “Distracted” is the story of a young woman and her lover, traveling from one exciting locale to another while avoiding the work that unites them.
So, while on the “Distracted” virtual book tour, I will focus on travel to the exotic and romantic destinations featured in the book. I’ll add a few more to round out the 10-day tour. I’ll include general background on the destinations, photographs, and video, romantic activities to do there, as well as romantic restaurants and B&Bs. I’ll add some helpful travel links, as well, in case readers decide it’s time for them to get a little distracted.
My second book, “East of Eaton,” is about a woman who opens a bookstore in the quaint town of Eaton and then must choose between her new business and her new love. Why can’t she have both? Theme: classic literature; virtual blog tour: author bios, book reviews, photos, and video again. Count on a new look at Steinbeck, Faulkner, and even Thomas Jefferson.
Whew! Better get back to work.