I’ve wrapped up the contemporary romance novel “East of Eaton.” While I was at it, I also completed the third — a free eBook to promote them all — “West Wind.”

Being an independent author means we have the freedom and flexibility to write what we want and publish it quickly, but we also have a responsibility to make sure it’s ready. I admit it, I rushed. I really wanted to get these out since they’re been on the back burner for several years. And they were ready, thanks to the help of friendly editors and a supportive husband.

But, I made an error when uploading the books to Smashwords, one I didn’t catch until a kind reader commented on my recent “West Wind Blows In” blog post. Seems I had uploaded “East of Eaton” twice. Yep, the free eBook to promote them all wasn’t online. Instead, the profitable one (well, it was supposed to be) was uploaded twice.

That’s what happens when we rush. I was just too darn excited, too happy to have two books ready for release.

So, 158 free downloads later, somebody mentioned to me that the “West Wind.” eBook wasn’t available as promised.

I apologize profusely to everyone who downloaded “East of Eaton” and didn’t get the free “West Wind.” Within 15 minutes of reading about my error (at 11 p.m.), I had the book online at Smashwords.

I have to hand it to Smashwords; the company has simplified the process of independently publishing and allowing authors to improve their product when rushing a book to “ePrint.” I appreciate the opportunity to Do-Over.