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Students Respond Positively to Writers’ Prompts

Writers' Prompts I teach communications and I've discovered that most of my students respond positively to writers' prompts. Sometimes they end in a paragraph or two, sometimes and entire essay. I'll be collecting writers' prompts and posting them here. If you wish, feel free to add some below in the comment area. Also, feel [...]

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Junying Kirk

SUPPORTING AUTHORS ONE READ AT A TIME:Junying Kirk, author of "The Same Moon," was born and grew up in the turbulent times of Cultural Revolution. A British Council scholarship led her to study English Language Teaching at Warwick University in 1988, followed by further postgraduate degrees at Glasgow and Leeds.When she is not traveling to [...]

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Interview: Supporting Authors One Read at a Time

Supporting Authors One Read at a Time Robin Van Auken (writing as Madeline Sloane) is the author of Distracted, East of Eaton, and West Wind. She discusses her book, her journey as a writer, and self-publishing on the popular Supporting Authors One Read at a Time blog by author Eri Nelson. Q: Where are you [...]

Heave Away Bosoms: Romance Paving the Way for Other Genres

This may be a no-brainer to those of us who write books with lots of kissing, but the rest of the world is starting to notice that Romance (with a capital "R") novels are paving the eWay for authors of other genres. See this link: The Real Force Behind Ebook Sales: Heaving Bosoms Says [...]

Choosing the Perfect eReader for the Zombie Apocalypse

May 21 came and went and we did not experience the predicted Rapture, but we're still on alert for a Zombie Apocalypse. (See my blog entry "Shoot! It’s Either Judgment Day or a Zombie Apocalypse.") You'll recall that while some Christians kissed their loved ones goodbye and were waiting for Judgment (thank you Family [...]

Shoot! It’s Either Judgment Day or a Zombie Apocalypse

Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse Between predictions of the Rapture and the looming threat of a Zombie Apocalypse, now more than ever people need to escape into good books. Hmmm … maybe they need good books as they make their escape, as well. The news this week has been troubling. First we [...]

Boo Hollywood!

I'm collecting resources for an ambitious project in a different genre -- gaslight/steampunk. I've combed the Internet and Amazon for articles and books, focusing my research on technology, flight, and European events and people circa 1860-1870. I wanted a visual resource so I ordered Irwin Allen's "Five Weeks in a Balloon." Based upon the Jules [...]

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